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Get help to be sustainable

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We recently created an identity for BRING’s Re:think Business program, which offers free, hands-on assistance to help companies reduce waste and save more. An efficiency advisor will come to your office and determine the type of assistance that will be most useful to you. You’ll get customized recommendations.

Re:think Business focuses on:

Waste prevention and recycling

Energy efficiency and conservation

Water conservation

Water quality protection

Incorporating efficiency into business activities

Your business may be doing more than you realize. Go through Re:think’s
recommendation checklist to learn more […]

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The candy bowl dilemma

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In the heart of the CAWOOD office, just outside the art department, we have a lounge area named Dream Central. And in this Dream Central sits a large fishbowl, known as the Candy Bowl.
Every office has one of these: filled with Tootsie Rolls and Starburst and Skittles and Hershey’s Kisses. Our bowl was filled to the brim with sugary goodness last November (right after Halloween), slowly emptying these past few months until little remained.
But then Easter arrived! And someone […]

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Winter flowers in bloom

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To keep things interesting in the neighborhood, CAWOOD hired artist Ryan Beard of One Sun Metalwerks to produce a landscape work of art. The piece, called “Street Flowers,” consists of six metal flowers ranging in height from 4- to 6-feet tall. The petals are made from recycled harrowing discs once used to plow fields, and the stems are crafted from recycled steel. The flowers are in full bloom on 12th Street just beyond the corner of 12th and High Streets, […]

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Print is alive and well

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There I am, sitting in anxious anticipation as I wait my turn at the dentist’s office. This is one of those cozy, make-you-feel-right-at-home lobbies. Cushy chairs, soothing colors, and an aquarium filled with tropical fish – all intended to put me at ease.
But I can see past all that. I’ve got a broken tooth way in the back, and I know full well what’s coming – a shot, the dreaded dental dam and several hours of drooling as the Novocain […]

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Yes, You Can!

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Keep your office clean
Every office has a kitchen. Most offices struggle with keeping their kitchens clean. What about yours?
We’ve solved that problem at CAWOOD with an old-fashioned chore chart. Since several clients have asked for a copy – and expressed great appreciation after implementing it – we’ve decided to share our chore chart. You’ll find it as a downloadable PDF at the bottom of this article.
You may be thinking this is a strange article for our Think Tank. Not so […]

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Commuting Challenges

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The days are getting shorter, and with the shift back to standard time, all of us at the office have complained more than once about the dark, dreary evening commute. It doesn’t help when the streets are clogged with fallen leaves and flooded with the rainwater from recent storms.
While we take our Vitamin D to stave off the lack of sunlight, and dig our raincoats and boots out of the back of the closets, one of the chief complaints we’re […]

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Biking for the environment

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Minimizing our environmental impact while being available to our clients in the most efficient and timely manner is a key commitment here at CAWOOD. To provide further options to our employees to meet this commitment, we have purchased a new company bike, along with helmets and other bike accessories, they can use to visit client sites, run errands or otherwise move around the community. This is not just any bike though, but a “Bike Friday” tikit, which is, manufactured […]

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Art Comes to Work

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Visit our offices and you’ll see some mighty fine art. I want to point out one artist whose art really stands out: Ryan Beard of One Sun Metalwerks. Our building sign is his work – our logo made out of odds and ends. What fun to collaborate with Ryan and come up with a truly sustainable sign – we love it!
When you enter our office, you’ll see his Reach piece […]

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Postcards & Sustainability

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postcardAs part of a new client initiative, we’re sending out a series of postcards this year. Wanting to be sustainable, we used uncoated recycled paper for the first one. If you received one, you know how bad they looked. The paper peeled, they were bent, and the vibrant color just disappeared.
The culprit? A sorting machine that is overheating at the post office. The heat affects […]

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Go Pink in the Park

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If you ask me, it was a recipe for success: stir in equal parts health care, athletics and marketing, then top with the color pink. The final result: a deliciously good campaign.
For those of you who didn’t get out to Civic Stadium on Wednesday nights last summer, you missed all the fun of Go Pink in the Park.
On Wednesday home games, the Eugene Emeralds baseball team wore pink jerseys to promote breast cancer awareness and Oregon Imaging […]

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