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Mobile-friendly sites do better

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Has the traffic to your website declined? If you said “yes,” it could be that you’re being penalized by Google search engine rankings because your site isn’t mobile-friendly.
Besides being mobile-friendly for search, you also want to be where your customers are. Now, more than 60 percent of all searches are made on a mobile device. Plus, responsive sites give […]

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Bing Places for business: Is your page updated?

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Bing Local If you’re a regular reader of the CAWOOD blog (and really, who isn’t?), you’ll recall us reminding you to claim and optimize your business’ Google Places page. And if you haven’t already, it’s time to do the same on Bing.
Bing recently updated its Bing Business Portal to Bing Places for business. What does this mean, exactly? At this point, […]

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The benefits of responsive web design

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Responsive Website DesignTen years ago, when everyone visited your website, they viewed it on a laptop screen or a monitor connected to a desktop computer. When someone lands on your site today, two out of 10 people are seeing it on six square inches. If your site pages aren’t built on a responsive web design platform, that user’s visit could be a short one.
How many times have you gone to a website on your […]

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Social media as a news outlet

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breakingnewsMinutes after the tragic shooting on July 20, an 18-year old man in Denver named Morgan Jones turned on a police scanner and started posting time-stamped details of what he heard onto the website

Reddit is a social news website where users submit content, in the form of a link or a text. Other users rank the posts, determining their positions on the […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #5 – Content

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Facebook-Like-Button-bigOne of the unwritten rules with Facebook is that it’s worse to have a stale page than no page at all. This means that if your business has a page, you’d better be using it – posting, sharing, engaging (and marketing).

One of the challenges that many organizations face is coming up with, and delivering consistent content. Page managers often think that if the post isn’t […]

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Are you a social company?

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socialIf you use Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels for business, you probably consider yours to be a social business. But is it?
When you post a status update to Facebook, tweet or publish a blog post, you are simply using social media tools. This is only the first step in becoming a social business, which is really what you want to be, right?
Think about it this […]

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Video tells your story

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Online videos can help market your business. In fact, research shows that website visitors stick around longer and become more engaged when there’s video to watch. And, statistics tell us that customers are viewing more videos than ever before.

Last month, comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, released data showing that 180 million U.S. Internet users, or 86 percent, watched online videos.

The duration of the average online video was just over 5 minutes, while the average online video […]

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Google updates sitelinks

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Upon reading the headline, Google updates sitelinks, you may have asked, what is a sitelink and why do I care?

First, sitelinks are hyperlinks to a website’s subpages that appear under certain Google listings in order to help users navigate the site. Within some search results where Google thinks one result is far more relevant than others, they may list numerous deep links to that site at the top of the search results.

The main update with regard to these links is […]

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Phone Apps vs Mobile Websites

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The two methods for delivering mobile content to your audience – phone apps and mobile websites – are different in how they are constructed and used. Which one you choose to build depends on the type of content or functionality you want to make available to your audience.

Mobile websites are usually stripped down versions of existing sites. Fancy design elements are removed, and layouts are reorganized, leaving basic navigation and text that phones can easily navigate. A […]

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Web 3.0 – What is it?

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The web has experienced three phases of evolution since its release to the public 20 years ago. In the beginning, it was mostly a collection of static documents that could be read, aka Web 1.0. Web 2.0 saw the birth of large-scale user-generated content, as users interacted with sites like YouTube and Facebook by posting comments, blogs, videos, images and more. Massive amounts of content detailing thoughts and experiences now exist in cyberspace.

The Web 3.0 era promises to […]

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