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Speak plainly — and carry a big red pen

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redpenI hate the word “facilitate.”

Most editors, I think, have their pet peeves. This is one of mine.

I went to journalism school, where students were clubbed on the head routinely with the commandment to use plain language, to resist infection by whatever virus of jargon was being passed around at a school board meeting (educational outcomes, standards-based teaching) or coughed out by a corporate consultant (leverage, outside the box, actionable item, incentivize).

If […]

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Angling for news coverage? Think like a reporter.

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newspapersSomewhere out there, a reporter is hunting for “a good story.” They always are. And maybe you’re looking for some publicity.
What causes these two things to intersect? That is, how can you get a reporter interested in writing about you or your project? Well, it might help to understand what a journalist considers “a good story.”
Let’s say this morning on your way to work, you rushed into a burning building, cheating death, and rescued a baby. […]

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Who does your social media?

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Do you facebook, tweet and/or pin? Personally, or for your company? There are lots of opportunities to participate in social media, and many businesses are joining in the conversation.

How you handle that engagement says a lot about your business. Is the person in charge of social media someone who really understands your brand, knows what goals you’re trying to achieve, and presents you in the best possible way? All too often, businesses contract with someone who’s personally adept at social […]

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Measuring the ROI of Social Media Marketing

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Your business is on Facebook and has some fans. You’re tweeting and retweeting daily. Maybe you’ve even produced a video that’s been seen over 1,000 times on YouTube. So, like so many others using social media as part of their marketing strategy, you’re probably wondering: “Is all of this paying off?”
roiMeasuring the ROI of social media marketing is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers and PR managers today. […]

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Ethics is a personal responsibility

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Our Prez spoke to the Greater Oregon chapter of the Public Relations Society of America on October 6 about how the national organization should handle ethics among its members. PRSA used to take an enforcement approach to ethical violations, but more recently has decided to inspire members to be ethical.
Liz’s take-away: it’s a personal responsibility. Here’s a quote from her speech: “Throughout my career, I’ve avoided those situations that don’t feel right to me. I think we have an internal […]

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Google updates sitelinks

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Upon reading the headline, Google updates sitelinks, you may have asked, what is a sitelink and why do I care?

First, sitelinks are hyperlinks to a website’s subpages that appear under certain Google listings in order to help users navigate the site. Within some search results where Google thinks one result is far more relevant than others, they may list numerous deep links to that site at the top of the search results.

The main update with regard to these links is […]

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Plan to achieve.

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In the world of advertising, people often want to skip the planning steps and go directly to creating ads, websites, events, and buzz. The reason some advertising is so compelling is that a lot of attention was paid to identifying who the advertiser wanted to reach, what was of interest to the audience, and how to best engage people in the target demographic.

Advertising that flows from a well-thought out brand produces results. Always make time to answer the basic questions […]

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I can place my own media

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Of course, you can. The real question is: Do you want to? Media buying is both an art and a science. If you only think about the numbers, you may be shortchanging yourself. Do you know what media your customers regularly use? Do you know what programs they watch? Do you know what they listen to in the car?
Can you make an informed decision about whether to buy billboards or busboards? Do you feel confident that you can take your […]

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What’s new!

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Welcome Lindsey Kate!
Lindsey’s a senior at UO, and she’ll be graduating in June. This summer she’ll intern with us and help with the Komen Race for the Cure, which is scheduled for Oct. 23.
Now’s the time to buy a Mercedes!
With a 1.9% interest rate, don’t wait any longer. Go see the great new Mercedes-Benz vehicles at 2200 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The trip is worth it just to see the newly remodeled dealership.
Welcome, Kadel’s Auto Body.
The Northwest’s […]

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So, you want me to listen

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Whether you’re writing a blog, posting a tweet or sharing on Facebook, you want someone to listen to you. Your challenge is not much different from getting the attention of reporter at the local paper or TV station.
To make your message heard, first, ask yourself why should anyone be interested? To get people to pay attention, you have to make sure what you say interests them.
Always put the why upfront. In the first sentence. In the headline. Be bold. […]

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