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Why asking questions is important

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questionsWe’d just finished a planning meeting on a positive high, when someone asked a challenging question during the wrap-up. My immediate reaction was that the question was negative and detracted from the good work we’d just done. I was wrong.
The question would end up opening a dialog that we wouldn’t otherwise have had. And that dialog has had many ramifications – mostly good. I also realized that questions aren’t good or bad, positive or negative. […]

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What is “brand journalism” and why does it matter?

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When I first heard the term “brand journalism,” I wasn’t buying it. I spent 20 years as a newspaper journalist, and I admit I still suffer from hopeless idealism about that field’s higher purpose.
Brand journalism is a form of marketing, after all. A company publishes “journalistic” content intended to draw people to its brand.
I’m still not fond of the term, but having come to better understand what it’s about, I think it offers intriguing marketing possibilities.
But it needs to be […]

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Community Leaders Together: Have you seen these ads?

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CLT Holiday AdDon’t get Dana started on chimps unless you’ve got some time. Suffice it to say she cares a lot about chimps, and their plight in the world.
In the year and a half that I’ve worked at CAWOOD, I’ve learned more about chimps than I ever thought I’d know. And I’ve come to realize that I’m surrounded by co-workers who are driven to do some good in the world. Yet each person’s passion pulls […]

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5 steps to a social media strategy

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I was reviewing a potential client’s social media campaigns last week and was struck by the wide range of post topics.  Many had nothing to do with the business, its services, it’s people or its target audience’s interests. It appeared that the goal was to use social sites to attract an audience – any audience. There was no rhyme or reason to the type of content or the social networks used. Most importantly, no real dialogue was happening.
If you’re in […]

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Your business tagline is not about you, it’s about your audience

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nikeA good tagline is a magical thing. And as with magic, effective taglines sometimes defy explanation. (“Got milk?” Why does that work?)
But here’s one thing many good ones have in common: They are not about what you do or even who you are. Rather, they’re about why you matter, why anyone should care about you.
Put another way, they are actually about the person you […]

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Facebook’s Graph Search is here…and you’re on it.

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Back in January, Facebook unveiled its new (and much needed) search engine platform, called Graph Search. As with most new features, Facebook rolled Graph Search out slowly, testing, gathering feedback and tweaking. As of Monday, everyone had access.
“Over the past few months, tens of millions of people have helped improve the product just by using it and giving feedback,” Facebook said in blog post.
If your search bar doesn’t look different, it will soon. If you want to manually update to […]

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Three reasons to use Pinterest for business

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Pinterest for businessThe question has changed from “Should you use Pinterest?” to “Why aren’t you using Pinterest?”
And while we could list five, even 10 reasons, we’re going to give you just three, which are probably all you need!
1. The stats• With more than 12 million American users it’s the third most popular social media network in the United States.• 28 percent […]

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Happy Holidays!

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Given the time of year, we thought it would be fun share some of our favorite holiday traditions, stories or memories. If you have one you’d like to share, we’d love to read it, right here. Happy holidays, everyone!

nichole bioGrowing up in a family full of competitive sports nuts, the love of sports and competitive spirit translated into almost all of our family gatherings, including Christmas. Each year on Christmas eve […]

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Speak plainly — and carry a big red pen

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redpenI hate the word “facilitate.”

Most editors, I think, have their pet peeves. This is one of mine.

I went to journalism school, where students were clubbed on the head routinely with the commandment to use plain language, to resist infection by whatever virus of jargon was being passed around at a school board meeting (educational outcomes, standards-based teaching) or coughed out by a corporate consultant (leverage, outside the box, actionable item, incentivize).

If […]

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