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How often should I tweet?

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You’ll find many different opinions on this but in reality, the answer is very easy – you should tweet any time you have something interesting to say.

Just ask yourself if what you are about to tweet will be something worthwhile to your followers. If you think it is, chances are they will as well. And hopefully they’ll retweet you and your voice will be heard by a brand new audience out there in the Twitterverse, growing your follower base.

One thing […]

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The role of the blog in social media

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With all the hype and increasing popularity of using social media for business, don’t forget the old friend who has been there for you before the likes of Twitter and Facebook – your blog!

As more and more people use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media tools, the blog can often get left behind or forgotten about. If you are serious about using social media to increase awareness around your brand, trust with your clients and customers, and ultimately […]

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Golden Rules of Social Marketing

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I was reading a report today entitled The 10 Golden Rules of Social Marketing.  The report itself was detailed and in depth so the following is a summary of the more important rules and some details of each.

1. Know your “Why” – what is it you are looking to achieve?

Some examples here might be: to increase traffic to a website; to reach a larger audience; to build your brand; to get customer feedback; to gain loyalty; to educate; or all […]

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Take advantage of a new advertising medium

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Matthew Knight Arena LED animations. You’ll see several of our clients at Matthew Knight Arena. Dari Mart and Eugene Pediatric Associates asked us to design an animation for the giant LED board that runs around the perimeter of the court. We worked with photos, videos and elements from existing campaigns, putting together eye-catching and easy-to-read animations.

With this type of advertising, you want to grab the attention of the audience and make it easy for them to understand the message. In […]

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Using Twitter for business

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You’ve probably heard of Twitter.  You may even tweet from time to time.If you do and happen to use Twitter for your business, check out this article.  It gives some great examples of how businesses are using this social media tool, along with a few tips you might find useful!

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The case for a strong web presence

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Opinion Research Corporation surveyed 1,053 adults in March of this year. Scott Severson, president of ARAnet, discusses the results in this May 4, 2010 Bulldog Reporter column.
In general, respondents said they were “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to read and respond to:
•Articles that include brand information – 53%
•Email offers – 51%
•Sponsored search engine links – 40%
•Banner ads – 28%
•Pop-up ads – 19%
More than half of the respondents indicated they frequently conduct Internet searches for products or services they read about […]

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Let valid data guide your marketing decisions

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Most people interested in green
Successful marketing campaigns flow from good information. It’s vital to understand your market, what your target customers think, what they want and how they act. You can do that in many ways: pay attention to research reports, talk to your salespeople to find out what their customers are telling them, ask vendors what they hear, talk to customers, and/or commission original research. We subscribe to several sources of secondary information to stay on top of trends, […]

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Advertising contributes to the bottom line

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2009 was a very good year for CAWOOD. I attribute that to advertising.

We bought the back cover of blue chip, a monthly publication dedicated to providing information for business owners and executives, and signed on with The Register-Guard as a Community Leader Together company. Quite simply, we increased our visibility.

But visibility alone isn’t enough when you want to make an impact. You also need an effective strategy. Let me tell you about ours.

When we decided to advertise in blue chip’s […]

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Under the “Pink Tent”

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As one of the newest members of the CAWOOD team, I often marvel at the unique ways this team gets our clients noticed.
Last night was a great example. On Thursday, Feb. 11, Oregon Imaging Centers pitched its pink tent at the 7th annual Affair of the Heart, held at the Lane Events Center in Eugene. To promote Oregon Imaging Centers’ slogan “Every picture tells a story” and raise awareness about the importance of regular […]

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AAA scores again

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AAA is the top socially responsible business brand in America, according to Landor’s BrandAsset® Valuator. If you haven’t heard of Landor, its founder Walter Landor is considered by many to be the father of branding. The agency boasts that it’s been creating brands for six decades.
Interestingly, Landor let respondents to its survey tell them what socially responsible means. Here are four commonalities that emerged:
•Looking out for our well-being and health (this is where AAA really scored!) •Believing in family, […]

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