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Facebook’s Algorithm

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When a business uses Facebook, it hopes that 1) people will Like the page, and 2) those people will pay attention to, share, and comment on the posts. But what if fans never see the posts in the first place?

facebook algorithmHow can that be you ask? Well, it all depends on Facebook’s algorithm, called EdgeRank.
First, an “Edge” is the creation or sharing of a post. Facebook then uses its […]

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Using social media

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Oak Street Medical provides a unique combination of healthcare services that includes allergy, asthma and immunology, primary care, diabetes and mental health. Recently, it increased its online presence. With the help of CAWOOD, OSM recently launched a blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Each is an excellent source of information, from what’s new at OSM to the latest medical news. These new channels help OSM reach a broader audience and, in turn, increase its brand awareness. If you haven’t yet, […]

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Five easy ways to gain Twitter followers

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Setting up a Twitter campaign is an excellent way to build brand awareness and increase sales. But if no one sees your tweets, this social media tool can’t help you reach your goals. We’ve talked about the importance of building a solid Twitter following and some general ways to increase that base. If you’re looking for some quick tips, here are five easy […]

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Three takeaways from PR News Twitter Conference

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I recently attended the PR News’ Twitter Conference in Las Vegas. Several excellent speakers presented their thoughts and experiences during the all-day event, including Jason Falls, co-author of No Bulls**t Social Media. Topics included how to identify influencers, how to measure your Twitter activity, the lowdown on the most innovative Twitter tools, and much more.

bigstockphoto_twitter_bird_announce_5263769Three takeaways from the conference that I’d like to share:

1. Tweet often. Twitter […]

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CAWOOD Supports Komen Oregon

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CAWOOD is partnering with Komen Oregon to promote Eugene’s second annual Race for the Cure event. Last year, the event made history as the largest inaugural Race for the Cure among Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s affiliates. After last year’s success of more than 7,000 participants and $500,000 raised to support Komen’s mission to end breast cancer forever, Eugene has a reputation to uphold.
More than that, breast cancer is a cause that needs to be addressed in our […]

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Customers and employees appreciate companies that support good causes

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Consumers want to support companies that contribute good things to the community. Employees want to feel like their work is making a difference. The value, then, for corporations to support nonprofit causes is two-fold: it bolsters customer loyalty and boosts employee morale.
How will your company benefit?

Uniting as a team. Employees will feel good about giving back to the community. Supporting a cause together creates team spirit, and fundraising challenges promote healthy competition. Often, connections will develop between those […]

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Google updates sitelinks

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Upon reading the headline, Google updates sitelinks, you may have asked, what is a sitelink and why do I care?

First, sitelinks are hyperlinks to a website’s subpages that appear under certain Google listings in order to help users navigate the site. Within some search results where Google thinks one result is far more relevant than others, they may list numerous deep links to that site at the top of the search results.

The main update with regard to these links is […]

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Plan to achieve.

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In the world of advertising, people often want to skip the planning steps and go directly to creating ads, websites, events, and buzz. The reason some advertising is so compelling is that a lot of attention was paid to identifying who the advertiser wanted to reach, what was of interest to the audience, and how to best engage people in the target demographic.

Advertising that flows from a well-thought out brand produces results. Always make time to answer the basic questions […]

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What is Content Marketing?

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It seems one of the hot topics these days in the world of marketing is the use of content marketing. So, what is content marketing, how do you do it and what are its benefits?

In short, content marketing is the producing and sharing of valuable content to attract and engage an audience.

The key term here is sharing. Content marketing is a bit different than some forms of traditional marketing in that you are not pushing a sales message or a […]

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Do you have a Social Media policy?

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With the rise in popularity of using social media as a marketing tool, many companies are jumping in with both feet, allowing their employees to tweet, post, and engage with fans and followers on a daily basis.

While this is a good thing, many of these companies have yet to establish any type of social media policy, essentially ignoring even a basic level of training for employees communicating with current (or future) customers.

If a potential client called on the telephone, would […]

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