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Beaudet Jewelry celebrates a new chapter

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Beaudet JewelryIf you’re in Eugene or Springfield, soon you’ll see lots of advertising for a retirement sale at Beaudet Jewelry. This is an excellent opportunity to get some incredible deals on all that sparkles and shines.
Retiring after 37 years, co-owner Georgiann is excited for more time to run on the beach with her grandchildren, visit friends and family, and dive deep with local nonprofits. Jeweler Chuck, on the other […]

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Be brief, and have a beer

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Be Brief
Beer. That’s the reason newspapers don’t use the “Oxford comma,” a journalism professor once told me.
Consider the sentence, “CAWOOD does websites, PR, advertising, and branding.”
That last comma before the “and” is the “Oxford comma.” Editors have fought to the death over the Oxford comma, whether it’s necessary or not.
Newspapers side with “not.”
briefProposed heading for the template we use to write […]

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How do you really reach consumers and create brand loyalty?

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Burley Family Picnic
By telling stories that they want to hear. Call it, say, brand journalism.
This may sound funny coming from a marketing company, but people do not want to be sold to. They want to purchase a product or service when they’re ready to buy it and from people or a company they trust. Because it’s on their terms and timing. Because it fits their needs or lifestyle. Not because the radio jingle was […]

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Creating a social media policy for your company

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Social Media Policy
It’s estimated that 68 percent of companies don’t have clearly defined social media policies. They aren’t providing guidelines to their employees to help them understand the relationship between their personal posting and their jobs.
“I’d say there are two broad reasons for having a social media set of guidelines for every company: crisis management or brand opportunity,” said Mario Sundar, community evangelist at LinkedIn.
Social media offers the opportunity for employees to help build […]

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What is “brand journalism” and why does it matter?

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When I first heard the term “brand journalism,” I wasn’t buying it. I spent 20 years as a newspaper journalist, and I admit I still suffer from hopeless idealism about that field’s higher purpose.
Brand journalism is a form of marketing, after all. A company publishes “journalistic” content intended to draw people to its brand.
I’m still not fond of the term, but having come to better understand what it’s about, I think it offers intriguing marketing possibilities.
But it needs to be […]

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My vote for worst commercial of 2013

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Domino's CommercialLike many of you, I get up to grab a beverage or turn my attention to my smartphone when commercials interrupt my favorite TV program. But one brand’s ad recently caught my eye – for all the wrong reasons.
Domino’s latest campaign shows a less-than-proficient employee attempting to take orders over the phone. As you can see in the ad, […]

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5 steps to a social media strategy

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I was reviewing a potential client’s social media campaigns last week and was struck by the wide range of post topics.  Many had nothing to do with the business, its services, it’s people or its target audience’s interests. It appeared that the goal was to use social sites to attract an audience – any audience. There was no rhyme or reason to the type of content or the social networks used. Most importantly, no real dialogue was happening.
If you’re in […]

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Why Kenneth Cole’s tweet is a good thing

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Fashion mogul Kenneth Cole sent out the following tweet on Thursday, a reference to a quote from Pentagon spokesman George Little regarding possible military action in Syria –
Kenneth Cole Syria tweet
You’ll recall that Cole did this once before on Twitter in 2011, during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.
Using war and strife to sell footwear? He should be ashamed, right? Or should he?

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The anatomy of an effective guy-ad

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I do my best to ignore Facebook ads, like many of you probably. And yet, today I encountered one that stopped me. I looked at it. And then, despite my best intentions, I actually clicked on it.
I was thus delivered to the Facebook page of a company called Harry’s, which makes and sells razors. I noticed that someone had commented there: “This is the first Facebook advertisement that has ever yielded my clicking on the link.”
I wasn’t alone. And so […]

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Using Google AdWords for video

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adwordsvideoIn my last post I provided four YouTube optimization tips, to increase how many people find and watch your business’s videos. You of course followed these tips, and while viewership increased, your video hasn’t exactly gone viral.
You’re still looking for a bigger audience. You still want to use video to increase awareness of your business. So, what else can you do?
How about […]

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