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Book Review: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

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Walker starts out telling us that two-thirds of adults in all developed nations don’t sleep eight hours a night. What are the consequences? They include a compromised immune system, increased risk of cancer, becoming pre-diabetic – and that’s just a few of the dastardly things that can be prompted by lack of sleep.
I almost stopped reading because I […]

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Book Review: Grit by Angela Duckworth

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Subtitled, The Power of Passion and Perseverance, Duckworth’s Grit focuses on the importance of determination and direction in achieving world-class performance. Her years of research led her to note that innate talent has less to do with incredible achievement than does grit.
Quite simply, people who are highly accomplished are paragons of perseverance with an enduring passion. They are […]

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Book Review: Alan Alda’s take on better communication

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Alan Alda
Some actors astound us with their performances, while others are lackluster. Wonder why?
A new book by Alan Alda, If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?, underscores why getting into character requires communication skills.
You may recall that he did a TV series interviewing scientists. He realized that he wasn’t listening to them, so […]

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Creating a social media policy for your company

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Social Media Policy
It’s estimated that 68 percent of companies don’t have clearly defined social media policies. They aren’t providing guidelines to their employees to help them understand the relationship between their personal posting and their jobs.
“I’d say there are two broad reasons for having a social media set of guidelines for every company: crisis management or brand opportunity,” said Mario Sundar, community evangelist at LinkedIn.
Social media offers the opportunity for employees to help build the […]

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5 steps to a social media strategy

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I was reviewing a potential client’s social media campaigns last week and was struck by the wide range of post topics.  Many had nothing to do with the business, its services, it’s people or its target audience’s interests. It appeared that the goal was to use social sites to attract an audience – any audience. There was no rhyme or reason to the type of content or the social networks used. Most importantly, no real dialogue was happening.
If you’re in […]

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Types of video for business use

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DanaV_shoots_fire_for_OFRIVideo has become one of the biggest drivers of online traffic – and of sales. It has megawatts of communication power that other delivery formats can’t touch.
Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research has estimated that watching a minute of video is the equivalent of reading 1.8 million words. And according to Internet Retailer, consumers who watch product videos are 85 percent more […]

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Don't forget about Yelp

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yelpWhen making a decision about what to buy, 92 percent of people trust the opinions of friends and family more than advertising, according to recent surveys. And more than 7 of 10 people trust online reviews more than advertising, up more than 15 percentage points over the past four years.
Put these two statistics together and what do you get? The fact that you should not forget about Yelp.
A local directory service […]

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Facebook adds Subscribe option and Smart Lists

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In response to the positive reviews of the Google+ “Circles” feature and to integrate a little bit of “Twitter-ness”, Facebook is offering its 750 million-plus users some new options.

facebook_logoThe first is being called “Smart Lists.” With Smart Lists, all Facebook users will be offered lists of what Facebook interprets as their work, school, family and city connections. These Smart Lists will be updated automatically but users can edit them as well. […]

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10 of our favorite websites –

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Over the years, members of the CAWOOD team have helped design, build, and optimize hundreds of websites while many of us  have surfed across the web and back for fun and entertainment. During this time, we’ve come across thousands of sites that we’ve enjoyed using, bookmarking and sharing.

During the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of those that stood out or that we still visit today. Along the way, let us know some of your favorites!

The first site on […]

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Using Hootsuite to monitor Social Media campaigns

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Engaging target audiences on any combination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursqaure takes a good deal of time. If done separately, it takes a TON of time; logging in and out of each site, monitoring numerous sets of data, and communicating with specific sets of followers.

If only there was a tool one could use to manage all of these social media campaigns at once. Wait, there is! In fact there are a few out there that do just that. One […]

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