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Camas County Logo

For more than 60 years, four generations of the Huntons have tended their land near Junction City. Now, they are at the forefront of a national movement to produce grain and mill it locally. We enjoyed the opportunity to create a logo that will appear on packages of their flour and beans. Look for them at the Eugene Saturday Market and Springfield’s Farmer’s Market. Market of Choice uses Camas Country flour […]

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A3 launches new website

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We’re excited to unveil our latest website, a re-design for our friends at A3, The Springfield Academy of Arts and Academics. The site features its new logo and a calendar synched directly with iCal on the A3 Director’s laptop!

A3 is a magnet/alternative four-year high school that offers opportunities for students to experience quality instruction and high expectations for personal achievement. At A3, students work in learning teams across curriculums of humanities (language arts and social studies), inquiries […]

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Social media for consumer research

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Social Media for consumer researchI just read a great article on how Frito Lay is using social media for consumer research. The company is gathering new flavor ideas from its thousands of Facebook followers. Overseas, this technique has already led to “hot and spicy crab” in Thailand and “pickled cucumber” in Serbia.

The article also mentions that companies such as Walmart, Kohl’s and Samuel Adams are running similar types of […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #5 – Content

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Facebook-Like-Button-bigOne of the unwritten rules with Facebook is that it’s worse to have a stale page than no page at all. This means that if your business has a page, you’d better be using it – posting, sharing, engaging (and marketing).

One of the challenges that many organizations face is coming up with, and delivering consistent content. Page managers often think that if the post isn’t […]

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Facebook Tips for Business Pages: #1 – Tagging

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Over the next several weeks, we’ll offer tips to better manage your business Facebook page. First up is tagging.
Much like you would on your personal Facebook page, your business page should Like other business pages. The main reason is that, once you’ve Liked another page, you have the ability to tag said page in your posts.

But this is my business’s Facebook page, why would I want to tag others, you ask? There are several benefits:
1. By tagging another business, your […]

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What if an agency offered more than traditional marketing?

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We do, and we call it Marketing evolved. At our party, we unveiled our new look and enjoyed the opportunity to talk with our guests about how we started as a public relations firm, and now provide the full spectrum of marketing services, from advertising to Web development. If you’re interested in evolving, talk to us. We never stop asking “What if?”

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Our party: relaxing and connecting

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It was a beautiful night – the company, the food and the atmosphere! Thanks to Anthony and his crew at Lewis and Clark Catering for the hospitality. Interesting conversations abounded. Connections were made, and everyone left with smiles on their faces. What a party – we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Did you enjoy playing “Lucky Logo?” We had a great time passing out Market of Choice gift cards to winners. We love Market of Choice!
If you […]

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Are you a social company?

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socialIf you use Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels for business, you probably consider yours to be a social business. But is it?
When you post a status update to Facebook, tweet or publish a blog post, you are simply using social media tools. This is only the first step in becoming a social business, which is really what you want to be, right?
Think about it this […]

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How to Listen in Social Media

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listening-joeLaunching your Facebook and Twitter campaigns can be very exciting. You are now out there talking with fans, posting photos, tweeting and retweeting. Maybe you’re even becoming a pro – using a platform to strategically schedule posts, calculating your social media ROI, or learning how to improve your EdgeRank score.

Even with all of this, you may still be ignoring the most important part of a successful social […]

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What’s new

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Circle May 9 on your calendar for our CAWOOD party! Learn more in April.

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Have you seen or heard our award-winning Eugene Gastroenterology Consultants Mt. Toilet ad? If not, check them out.

Willamette Valley Cancer Institute tells us that small modifications in our daily lives can help prevent certain types of cancer. Take a peek at this piece and learn how to make improvements in your own routine.

It’s spring […]

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