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Responsive site = new business

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McKenzie Commercial’s new website follows responsive Web design, which is a new development method that simplifies delivery of Web content to the increasing variety of devices, from phones to tablets and desktops to televisions.

The site’s fluid look and user-friendly design has already garnered more business. In response to a new client inquiry, McKenzie Commercial President Todd Glenz said, “I have to think that if we did not have a good-looking website, she would not have contacted us.”

Founded in 1983, McKenzie […]

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What’s New

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Tough by Nature exhibit opens in Portland

If you missed Lynda Lanker’s exhibition at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, you can still catch it at the Oregon Historical Museum in Portland Feb. 1 – Mar. 31. The next stop will be the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum in Fort Worth, Texas May 9 – Sept. 9. Tough by Nature is a series of portraits of women ranchers and cowgirls from the American West. During the 19-year project, Lynda […]

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5 Twitter mistakes to avoid

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larryTwitter is fun, engaging and a great way to get up-to-the-second information on a wide variety of topics. It’s also an effective way to build your company’s brand, generate awareness and ultimately, increase sales.
As with all marketing tools, there are pitfalls. And so, we bring you 5 Twitter mistakes to avoid:
1. Your tweets are too long
But wait, I only get 140 characters! How can my […]

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3 reasons to NOT use social media…yet

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smpI’m a huge fan of social media for business. Mainly because it works…if done correctly. For the most part, it’s like any other marketing effort – you need to plan, implement, track and adjust.

I’m also a believer that most, if not all, small businesses should have some type of social media presence. There are some though, that should stay out of that end of the marketing pool and NOT use social […]

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What’s new

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Sometimes you just can’t say “no.” That’s what happened when we were asked to create a new logo for Institutional Stove Solutions. This nonprofit based in Cottage Grove makes 60- and 100-liter cookstoves that are highly efficient and operate on tiny amounts of twigs to cook a huge pot of food. For a single stove, it’s accomplishing so much: feeding people in developing countries, reducing environmental impacts, and improving health and safety.

A stove costs $650 and saves 30 tons of […]

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Have you chosen the right word?

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thinking-manIt’s time for a writing tip, so let’s consult Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style, a book that has been used to rap the knuckles of schoolchildren for generations.

“Write with nouns and verbs, not with adjectives and adverbs,” Strunk and White command. Few writing “rules” are iron-clad, and this isn’t one of them. We have adjectives and adverbs for a reason, after all. Strunk and White […]

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Forestry remains vital to Oregon’s economy

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Oregon’s forest sector remains a resilient and vital contributor to Oregon’s economy, according to a comprehensive economic study published last week by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute. The sector could create thousands of new rural jobs, given the right market conditions and a dependable supply of raw material. Learn more at The Forest Report.

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We want you to “Like” us!

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Our hopes for a second straight dodgeball championship were tragically crushed. One of our employees built a wood-fired pizza oven in his backyard. There was even talk of “CAWOOD: The Musical.”

Of course, you already know all this if you “Like” us on Facebook. It’s where we report on the fun stuff that happens around the office. It’s where you get to know another side of the people who work here. You can see our art director’s series of photos […]

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Writing a blog post? Keep it brief

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bloggingKeep it brief.

In a post in July, we urged you to get to the point when you write a blog post. Today, we suggest you be succinct in making that point. Blog posts needn’t be long – 200 words are fine. More than 600, you’re getting windy. Show readers you respect their time.

Writing short isn’t easy. You won’t do it in the first draft. We often ramble […]

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Mohawk Metal launches new website

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Business continues to grow at Mohawk Metal. To further that growth, we have updated marketing materials and increased its visibility to ever-expanding markets. A large piece of this is the launch of a new website, focused on the values of the company and the wide range of products and services it delivers throughout Oregon and Washington.

The new site combines updated photography with informative content that reflects the value Mohawk Metal has provided for over 20 years.

Another example of our work […]

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