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We advertise. Do you?

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CAWOOD advertising
Some say traditional advertising is passé. Of course, that’s not true. Not yet, anyway! What is true is that successful companies know how to maximize their marketing investment by integrating well-planned and effective digital and traditional marketing methods.
Here is one way we’ve done that. Since blue chip started publishing, our ad has appeared on its back cover. This month’s […]

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Earth Day in Eugene

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earthDEarth Day in Eugene and around the world is Monday, April 22. Our team has decided to celebrate by taking to the streets!

From noon – 1 p.m. that day, we’ll don gloves and CAWOOD apparel, head into the neighborhood and pick up litter. And as we mentioned on our Facebook page, anyone is invited to join us!

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Google+ pages, […]

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The difference between push and pull marketing

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pushvspullmarketingThe difference between push and pull marketing is simple. Push marketing is what you see in an episode of “Mad Men,” while pull marketing is what I’m doing right now by typing this blog post. Clear as mud, right? Let’s take a closer look.
It used to be, companies simply told consumers what to purchase, be it a car, food, etc. They espoused the benefits of their […]

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CAWOOD “What if…” videos

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Videographer Eugene OregonAt CAWOOD, we like to ask “What if …”
So, what if we asked folks around Eugene some intriguing “What if” questions, had our videographer film their answers, and showed them to all of you?
Introducing the CAWOOD “What if …” video series! You can check out the first two, and all future installments, on any of our social media channels – YouTube, Facebook, […]

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Three reasons to use Pinterest for business

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Pinterest for businessThe question has changed from “Should you use Pinterest?” to “Why aren’t you using Pinterest?”
And while we could list five, even 10 reasons, we’re going to give you just three, which are probably all you need!
1. The stats• With more than 12 million American users it’s the third most popular social media network in the United States.• […]

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What’s the difference between SEO and SEM?

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Even if you only dabble in online marketing, you should know the difference between SEO and SEM – and understand how each can help your bottom line.
DifferenceSEOSEMLet’s begin with the definitions:
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the art and science of acquiring high-ranking organic placement in the results page of a search engine (SERP), such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEO increases a site’s accessibility to a […]

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New website alert! – League of Women Voters of Lane County

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We’ve just completed and launched a new website for our friends at League of Women Voters of Lane County! The League has more than 180 men and women striving to make school districts, utilities, county government and the Oregon Legislature function more effectively to benefit all of us. The Lane County League is part of LWVOR (Oregon) and LWVUS, the national League.

The site has a ton of great information, including how to become a member, donate to the cause and […]

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Responsive site = new business

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McKenzie Commercial’s new website follows responsive Web design, which is a new development method that simplifies delivery of Web content to the increasing variety of devices, from phones to tablets and desktops to televisions.

The site’s fluid look and user-friendly design has already garnered more business. In response to a new client inquiry, McKenzie Commercial President Todd Glenz said, “I have to think that if we did not have a good-looking website, she would not have contacted us.”

Founded in 1983, McKenzie […]

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What’s New

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Tough by Nature exhibit opens in Portland

If you missed Lynda Lanker’s exhibition at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, you can still catch it at the Oregon Historical Museum in Portland Feb. 1 – Mar. 31. The next stop will be the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum in Fort Worth, Texas May 9 – Sept. 9. Tough by Nature is a series of portraits of women ranchers and cowgirls from the American West. During the 19-year project, Lynda […]

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