Biking for the environment

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Minimizing our environmental impact while being available to our clients in the most efficient and timely manner is a key commitment here at CAWOOD. To provide further options to our employees to meet this commitment, we have purchased a new company bike, along with helmets and other bike accessories, they can use to visit client sites, run errands or otherwise move around the community. This is not just any bike though, but a “Bike Friday” tikit, which is, manufactured right here in Eugene. This bike is the perfect around town commute bike for getting quickly to customers/project locations while providing exercise for the staff member using it and emitting zero emissions. The bike is lightweight, easily adjustable for different rider sizes, multi geared for accommodating those occasional hills and best of all it folds into a compact unit for easy storage here at the office.

Being a bike rider and having owned one of these bikes myself for sometime, I am anxious to put the bike to good use while moving around our community. Look for representatives of CAWOOD in the near future riding our new “Bike Friday.”

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