Behind the scenes at Lochmead Dairy

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This week, I experienced my very own real life episode of “How It’s Made.” You know, the TV show that shows you how various goods that we all buy and use are produced? Well, my “episode” was all about Lochmead Farms and the delicious milk and ice cream they make. At CAWOOD, we’re putting the finishing touches on the Dari Mart Web site, which will include several videos about the Gibson family, Lochmead Farms and Lochmead milk and ice cream.

My day started when I went to shoot video of the milk production line at Lochmead Dairy. It was fascinating to see the bottling process. Prior to my visit, my knowledge of milk was limited to taking it out of the refrigerator and pouring it into a glass or over cereal. Other than that, I knew little more than it comes from cows and you buy it at the store. What I learned was how it gets to us from the cow. At Lochmead Farms, the cow is milked, and in less than 48 hours it’s processed, bottled and ready to buy at a Dari Mart store near you.

It was amazing to see! The bottling process is mostly automated but it takes a group of energetic people to get the work done. As I observed each step of the process I was mesmerized by the machines and the pace at which the bottles are labeled, filled, capped, stacked and sent to the storage refrigerator.

The machines work at a quick pace, and from what I could tell they don’t show their age, especially since they’re the original machines that have been used since the dairy began. Seeing the bottling process and learning how quickly it all happens gave me a new appreciation for the milk I drink; it’s freshness you can taste. Be sure to check out the videos when the site is launched. I’ll be sure to post an update when the site becomes live!

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