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New staff members

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This summer we’ve welcomed two new staff people – most recently, Jen Hagerman, as our administrative assistant. She won us over with her letter: “I love juggling many diverse tasks and know what it takes to offer exceptional service to clients and internal team members. I’m a ‘get-it-done’ type of person with a meticulous eye.”
And writer/editor Bob Passaro comes to us from The Register-Guard where he was a copy editor. He’s also an avid […]

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Two stories

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Camas County Logo

For more than 60 years, four generations of the Huntons have tended their land near Junction City. Now, they are at the forefront of a national movement to produce grain and mill it locally. We enjoyed the opportunity to create a logo that will appear on packages of their flour and beans. Look for them at the Eugene Saturday Market and Springfield’s Farmer’s Market. Market of Choice uses Camas Country flour in […]

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Who does your social media?

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Do you facebook, tweet and/or pin? Personally, or for your company? There are lots of opportunities to participate in social media, and many businesses are joining in the conversation.

How you handle that engagement says a lot about your business. Is the person in charge of social media someone who really understands your brand, knows what goals you’re trying to achieve, and presents you in the best possible way? All too often, businesses contract with someone who’s personally adept at social […]

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President Obama’s Speech – great delivery, no take-aways, minimal call to action

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The man can deliver a speech, yet he needs help with content and organization. The American people aren’t policy wonks. Much of what President Obama said last night, went right over our heads. And the big question, how will these programs be funded, was put off until next week? Why?
He had the opportunity to speak directly to Americans, tell them that he understands their plight, announce a comprehensive program to create jobs, show how it could be funded without increasing […]

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CAWOOD circles up, grooving with Google Plus

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When a new tune starts playing in the social media world, savvy marketers don’t miss a beat. In fact, here at CAWOOD, we’ve embraced a new rhythm by using Google+. As a staff, we’ve become Google+ groupies and formed a CAWOOD “Circle” – a unique element of Google+ that differentiates it from Facebook or Twitter. Like virtual break room convos, in our circle, we share informal, personal information specifically within our own online space. Exploring the new platform helps us […]

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Do you practice the four obsessions?

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Remember the fable of Rich O’Connor in The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive by Patrick Lencioni? I liked the author’s approach – though I think fable books are overrated. Anyway, every so often, I refer to the list I made after I read the book. Since spring is always a good time to reflect, I thought I’d share my list:
Build and maintain a cohesive leadership team: Build trust, eliminate politics and increase efficiency by – Knowing one another’s […]

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Advertising contributes to the bottom line

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2009 was a very good year for CAWOOD. I attribute that to advertising.

We bought the back cover of blue chip, a monthly publication dedicated to providing information for business owners and executives, and signed on with The Register-Guard as a Community Leader Together company. Quite simply, we increased our visibility.

But visibility alone isn’t enough when you want to make an impact. You also need an effective strategy. Let me tell you about ours.

When we decided to advertise in blue chip’s […]

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Art Comes to Work

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Visit our offices and you’ll see some mighty fine art. I want to point out one artist whose art really stands out: Ryan Beard of One Sun Metalwerks. Our building sign is his work – our logo made out of odds and ends. What fun to collaborate with Ryan and come up with a truly sustainable sign – we love it!
When you enter our office, you’ll see his Reach piece on […]

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