As Melinda retires, she reflects on her work

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I am an ad girl… 44 years of media born into my DNA. Every tv spot, radio spot, print ad, billboard, bus board, magazine… shopping bag and logo. The list goes on.

A voyeur of sorts, people-watching from afar. Why are they here? What are they buying, why? I am an ad girl.

Pinching myself more often than I would tell anyone of my good fortune to have a perfect job, that most of the time did not feel like a job. Friends have said, “You get paid to do that? And, exactly what do you do?”

The things I have experienced…introducing a new demographic to a luxury car line, helping those in need while watching 4th of July fireworks over the Willamette during the Light of Liberty Celebration, wow! Standing inside a launch facility for satellites. Teaming up to develop a video to share all that can be found in today’s library…way more than books, the morning sunrise over a lettuce field.

Always telling a story. I am an ad girl…I have a thankful heart.

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Melinda Dille

Melinda Dille

Media Director

Since I was a small child, I have loved animals and humans. I feel rich to have many of both in my life. I find joy in giving homeless cats in my neighborhood a safe, loving, happy home with me. Friends tell me that their winter structures are like five-star hotels (less the spa treatments!). I also have a soft spot for homeless folks with animals and help them as much as possible. I believe that putting others first is what we are all called to do. By doing this with all of our hearts, we help to make another’s path a little better and so our world is a little better. Check out these great organizations:,, I love being the media director at CAWOOD. Our clients and vendors are the BEST! I am excited to celebrate 40 years in advertising in 2016. Let the fun begin!