The art director is a zombie

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We hope it doesn’t have anything to do with life around the office, but when our art director Cari goes home, sometimes she’s just a zombie:


(photo by Bill Woolum)

For a couple of years now, Cari has been part of Thrill the World Eugene. It’s an international event wherein people all over the world dress up as the living dead and show up somewhere in public to simultaneously dance the same choreography to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

This year’s big event is at 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 25, at Washington Jefferson Park. It’s mostly for fun, but the project also raises money locally for ShelterCare. ($3,800 last year.)

Speaking of last year, here’s the main performance from 2013 in the plaza between the Hult Center and the Hilton:

Making this happen entails practice a couple of days per week. And there are lots of non-costumed and costumed flash mob performances both before and after the main event.

Here’s a shot from a dress rehearsal downtown about a week ago.


That’s Cari, second from the left. With the latte. (photo by Stacey Glaze)

KVAL got some other great shots of the same performance.

So “why?” you might ask.

“It’s fun. It’s good exercise for mind and body. I’ve made lots of new friends. And I love the community – we’re part of an international art event. It’s also great seeing how much people seem to enjoy watching, especially when they just stumble on one of our flash mobs having no idea it was going to happen.”

Go check it out this weekend.

Meantime, here are a couple more shots from last year:



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