AAA scores again

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AAA is the top socially responsible business brand in America, according to Landor’s BrandAsset® Valuator. If you haven’t heard of Landor, its founder Walter Landor is considered by many to be the father of branding. The agency boasts that it’s been creating brands for six decades.

Interestingly, Landor let respondents to its survey tell them what socially responsible means. Here are four commonalities that emerged:

•Looking out for our well-being and health (this is where AAA really scored!)
•Believing in family, home and hearth
•Identifying a need and meeting it
•Doing the right thing

As Susan Nelson, Landor’s executive director of strategy and insights, said: “In summary, it is clear that U.S. consumers define social responsibility more broadly than conventional wisdom might. To the people it is more than just ‘doing good for society,’ it is also ‘doing good for me.’ And at the end of the day, isn’t that really what all brands should be doing? Finding a way to do good for both their customers and society as as whole.”

I say yes! That’s exactly what AAA does in Oregon and Idaho. I’m proud to be a member of its board of directors, and even prouder of our employees who are dedicated to our members’ well being and committed to public service.

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