5 Twitter mistakes to avoid

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larryTwitter is fun, engaging and a great way to get up-to-the-second information on a wide variety of topics. It’s also an effective way to build your company’s brand, generate awareness and ultimately, increase sales.

As with all marketing tools, there are pitfalls. And so, we bring you 5 Twitter mistakes to avoid:

1. Your tweets are too long

But wait, I only get 140 characters! How can my tweets be too long?

The truth is, a typical user’s feed is filled to the brim with capacity-maxed tweets from a variety of sources; reading it all takes time. Shorter tweets stand out and are read more often.

2. You don’t use hashtags

Using hashtags in tweets should be second nature by now, right? If it’s not, you’re missing out on thousands of people searching for content that you’re sharing. Just remember to use relevant hashtags that may actually be searched, instead of #HashtagsThatOnlyYouAndYourCoworkersWouldKnow

3. You talk but don’t listen

If you’re content is good, people will retweet, comment or ask you questions. Yes, the old adage still stands – join the conversation. Answer them. Thank them. Retweet them in the future if it makes sense. The more you engage, the more your content will be shared.

4. You don’t include photos in your tweets

That’s right, people on Twitter like photos as much as they do on Facebook.

5. You don’t tweet enough

Let’s say Joe follows you and 1,000 other users. Now imagine his feed on any given day. If you only tweet once that day, will he notice it?

Now, back to the Twitterverse you go!

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