5 important on-site SEO tips, #4: Blogging

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We’ve talked about the role of the blog in social media. A blog also plays an important part of your website’s SEO.

Quality, dynamic content is a major factor in where you’re pages appear in SERPs (search engine results pages). A well-written, well-optimized blog produces this content.

1. Each post is a chance to attract a new audience. Every time you write a blog post, that post will have a page title, description and content that can be optimized like any web page. There are always keywords for which your website, no matter how optimized, will not appear in search results. Blog posts are perfect opportunity to turn up for these keywords.

2. Internal linking. A blog post is an excellent opportunity to build internal links to pages on your website.

3. Sharing. When others share a link to your blog post on their own site/blog, an external link is credited. Google loves external links from reliable sites. Sharing may also take place on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, creating new links and driving more traffic to your blog/website.


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