5 important on-site SEO tips, #3: Video

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videoseoIf you haven’t already, it’s time to start using video to build your brand and improve your site’s SEO. One of the main reasons? Google’s algorithm change back in 2011, called “Panda.”

In an effort to push sites using “black hat” SEO tactics further down (or out) of search rankings, Google increased the value of sites offering engaging content. And nothing engages better than video.

Some of the basics:

1. If the goal is to maximize total views, host the video on a third-party site such as YouTube. If the goal is to drive potential customers to your site or increase search referral traffic, then it should be embedded and hosted on your site.

2. If you host the video on your site, create a video sitemap.

3. Mind the length. Attention spans are short; your video should be as well. Anything more than 4-5 minutes is pushing it, depending on subject matter. If you have more info to share, create a series of videos.

Here are a few excellent resources for tactics to get your video ranked in search engines, and creating engaging videos.

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