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Over the years, members of the CAWOOD team have helped design, build, and optimize hundreds of websites while many of us  have surfed across the web and back for fun and entertainment. During this time, we’ve come across thousands of sites that we’ve enjoyed using, bookmarking and sharing.

During the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of those that stood out or that we still visit today. Along the way, let us know some of your favorites!

The first site on our list is Metacritic.

metacriticIn a nutshell, Metacritic provides reviews of movies (in theaters and on dvd), music, TV, and video games. This may not sound exciting but how they provide this information is certainly unique. Each item reviewed is assigned a Metascore, Metacritic’s proprietary scoring system that distills the opinions of the most respected critics writing online and in print to a single number. That number is derived by a weighted average of all the critics reviews. So for example, a movie rating by Roger Ebert will hold more weight than a film critic from the Oregonian.

The Metacritic library is also pretty impressive, with music, movie and video game ratings dating back to 2000. With this data, you can view for example, all the music albums reviewed in 2003 (that were included on the Metacritic site), from top score to bottom.

Other highlights of the site include data on hundreds of media ciritics, publications, and a huge section of movie trailers.



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