10 of our favorite websites – Mashable.com

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mashable_125x125_v1As the popularity of social media has grown, so to has the number of so called “experts” and “gurus” in the field. As you wade through the plethora of websites dedicated in some way to offering the latest news and updates regarding all things social or “web 3.0”, the one you should bookmark is Mashable.com, the “largest independent news source dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology.”

The site not only offers a ton of articles, tips, updates and information but it’s also laid out well, creating an excellent user experience. The very top of the page offers up “Top Stories” or “Trending Topics.” Below these links, Mashable breaks down its news feeds into five simple segments – Social Media, Tech, Business, Entertainment, and US & World. All article topics are web-related. For example, today’s top story in US & World is “Dalai Lama Joins Google+, Plans Hangout With Desmond Tutu.”

The articles are well written, informative, and widely re-tweeted and shared across the web.


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