Design Process CAWOOD


An effective marketing plan is built on a foundation of research, knowledge and understanding. Once we’ve laid that basis, we think, discuss and strategize, and then gradually focus in on a coherent, deliberate plan.

We collaborate with our clients every step of the way, although each client is different. Some like to know every detail as the plan develops. Others prefer to just know the general outlines. We’re comfortable working either way.

1. Investigate

We get to know you, your industry, your customers, your competition, your opportunities, your goals.

2. Deliberate

We brainstorm, discuss, draw up a competitive analysis.

3. Strategize

We propose a plan.

4. Create

Design, write, shoot, build, edit.

5. Energize

Campaign goes public.

6. Assess & Revise

Continually measure what’s working, what isn’t. Based on assessments, we tweak, adjust, retool.