CAWOOD circles up, grooving with Google Plus

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When a new tune starts playing in the social media world, savvy marketers don’t miss a beat. In fact, here at CAWOOD, we’ve embraced a new rhythm by using Google+. As a staff, we’ve become Google+ groupies and formed a CAWOOD “Circle” – a unique element of Google+ that differentiates it from Facebook or Twitter. Like virtual break room convos, in our circle, we share informal, personal information specifically within our own online space. Exploring the new platform helps us stay up-to-tempo with social media while boosting internal morale by sharing photos from family trips, congratulations about good work and plans for our next staff party. It takes a connected and spirited team to produce creative marketing, and Google+ is helping ours jive.

Read more about what makes Google+ unique here, and learn how to start your own circle here.

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